Work Achievements

Business Development

Upsell 200%. Developed a bilateral partnership in outsourcing for a further 700% from base price with only 9% payable to the vendor Track Record for persistent and streamlined follow-ups. Shortest closure = 3 days. Longest closure = 9 months.

Perceived as a subject matter expert and a consultant for the optimal business model on the products I pitch, by the prospects.

Concept Selling – 5 hot leads

“The Technically strong Business Manager of our company.
Has taken charge of emergencies himself at e-Governance level.
In end-to-end supervision of our Critical accounts, rightfully.”

“Amit has sourced the elite names we take as examples with prospects.

Negotiated high-ticket deals all by himself, bringing revenue at month-end target deadlines.

Thanks to his consultative nature with honest insights,
3 prospects have rather tied up just for associating with him than the products”

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