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Languages I Speak

british-english-IELTS-Score-8 British English:

IELTS Score 8.00 out of 9 | Equivalent to CEFR C1
15 years of Education
Read, Speak, Listen, Write.

French-Certified-DELF-A1 French:

Certified DELF A1 & DELF A2 Distinction under Alliance Française
Trained CEFR B1 & B2 | 8 years of training
Read, Speak, Listen, Write

Mandarin-Chinese-HSK-4-Standards Mandarin Chinese:

HSK 4 Standards | Equivalent to CEFR A2
Read, Speak, Write (Hanzi + PinYin)
Mastering fluency at listening.

west africa English West Africa English:

11 Years at Lagos City
Fluent at Speaking & Relationship Building

Looking forward to master American Sign Language
(ASL) in the future ahead.

हिंदी Hindi 

The unifying business language of India – spoken by all Indian communities. Also known to be spoken in the neighbouring nations of India (AFG, PAK, Nepal, BGLD), Caribbeans, Fiji and South Africa

Influential to speak with – every Indian, everywhere. 

سنڌي Sindhi

Language of the Sindhi Community I belong to – known to establish businesses and are present in high ranks of notable corporations in Africa.

Influential to speak with –  Business Heads of this community.

राठी Marathi

The political language of the cities of Mumbai & Pune – known to headquarter almost every MNC functioning in and grown from India.

Influential to speak with  – business leaders, political bodies, government bodies and citizens in these two cities and others in the state of Maharashtra.